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"A maze of palm trees. A maze of short buildings and long roads. Don't you ever feel like your worthless? Don't you want more?"

Teenage smoker Arden Smith finds himself on a family vacation in the suburban Floridian town of Sunny Palm. At least that's the excuse. He suffers from horrible trauma, caused by a shocking memory of a tragic past love, and a brutal murder. The days pass by, until the beautiful Simone Gail persuades him to join the teen outreach club. Martin Delacroix , a good looking and charismatic athlete, joins the club, quickly overthrows the past president, and turns it around. These directionless youths then attempt to find meaning by (Jokingly)starting a small religion. But, when a dear friend dies, and a boy named Damien joins their ranks, Martins innermost tendencies are unlocked, and Arden and Simone are caught up in an increasingly heartless series of crimes.

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